Our Story

Minumec was established in 1985 by our founder Giuseppe Maglia. From a small turning shop servicing the local area, it rapidly evolved into a multi-facility operation offering bespoke metalwork innovations at the national level.  Ten years ago Giuseppe’s sons Giuliano and Giovanni joined the team, and under their leadership the range of services was expanded to accommodate a growing workforce and increased machining efficiency. We now proudly specialise in metal precision turning, drilling, milling and mechanical processing of micro-parts.  

Our engineered solutions have earned us the trust of major international manufacturers and industries and while we continue to expand and renew, we remain loyal to our original motto: quality above all!

Giovanni e Giuliano Maglia, titolari della torneria Minumec e Giuseppe Maglia, il fondatore.

and machine

Minumec operates a facility with over 40 machines which are constantly upgraded and serviced:

Thanks to our state-of-the-art motorized CNC equipment, we are able to deliver on quality and efficiency and provide a full-service package for all of our customers. We manufacture a wide range of metal components. Our services include: CNC machining, CNC turning and CNC milling.

New headquarters
Olginate (LC)

Since 2022 Minumec has a new headquarters that occupies an area of 7000 square meters, with a modern and efficient warehouse of 3000 square meters, new offices and a meeting room.

Centralized systems for the extraction of waste chips and the recovery of oil from plants make our production system more efficient.

Why choose Minumec?


Our highly skilled team of experts is able to cater for every requirement our clients may have. Since 1985 we have consistently met targets and invested in innovation. The result of this strategy is guaranteed competence in customised metal components for all kinds of companies.

in precision turning

With over 35 years of experience in precision turning, we are able to advise and direct the customer towards the realization of any project. Thanks to the professionalism and passion of our staff we can offer products of maximum reliability and quality, always in keeping with new developments in the industry.


Quality is fundamental for us at Minumec. For this reason, each product undergoes a severe and rigorous quality control throughout the production chain: from raw material acceptance, to in-line laboratory controls and finally to aesthetic control.

and Innovation

Continuous investment in sophisticated and innovative machinery is the basis of our steady growth in the world of metal turning. Our vast array of machines gives us the freedom to work on any type of material and reach the highest levels of efficiency in all departments.


The innovative approach of Giovanni and Giuliano Maglia has successfully launched our company into the international market. This is why every day at Minumec we cultivate strong partnerships with leading businesses worldwide.

in Italy

Using and enhancing the products of the Italian territory was at the heart of Giuseppe Maglia’s original vision. A principle that Minumec’s second generation of leaders and experts are proud to embrace and bring into the future of the industry.